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A community of practitioners working towards meaningful change in the field of engagement. 

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Next Meeting
August 26th

Our next meeting will be with Chris Brewer from the Castallano Group at NCSU. Chris is an Organometallic Chemist, a home brewer, and worked in museum education research. One of his passions has been outreach in Chemistry ever since he was a 16 year old volunteer at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, FL.

Chris is going to be joining into a wide-ranging conversation with Geoff Hunt, Manasi Apte and Julie Ann Fooshee from SciEngage to discuss the changing landscape of science engagement in the United States. We would like our audience to join us in taking a scientific approach to exploring different models of science engagement funding and support; dissecting the positives, negatives, failures, and successes of these to try and come up with what we are calling the "golden mean" of science engagement.

On our minds at SciEngage are questions like is PES becoming so integrated into other work that it isn't seen as needing its own "silo"? Are the goals of PES actually different than what is being accomplished by the programming (for example, DEI work)? 

Chris is bringing to the table his experiences in outreach with a big science lab (he did his research time at FSU and UF) and museum and informal ed as well as his excellent scientific mind


We hope that you can join us to add your own perspectives!

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